Pest Infestation at Tustin Restaurant Cleared

The recent pest infestation at a local Tustin restaurant has been handled by Tustin Pro Pest Control. The company was contacted to come in and inspect the site for any signs of pests or evidence that would typically lead to an infestation, such as food being left out overnight on the premises. After identifying what type of pest had taken up residence there, they were able to quickly take care of it so that customers didn’t have to worry about getting sick from eating anything with bugs crawling around.

The restaurant has since reopened and is doing a great job of staying pest-free. The owner was overjoyed with the work done by Tustin Pro Pest Control, saying that they were very professional and did exactly what he needed them to do in order to get rid of pests without too much hassle or expense. He said that he would definitely use their services again if there ever came a time when his establishment got infested with unwanted creatures making themselves at home inside it.

Customers we talked to were also happy about not having had anything bad happen while waiting for repairs or during business hours after reopening; everyone seemed relieved knowing that there wasn’t any risk from things like roaches scuttling across the floors, ants swarming the food, or rats running through the restaurant.

This is great news for anyone who likes to eat out without having to worry about what kind of pests might be lurking in the food they’re eating. If you’re ever in the Tustin area and need a pest control company that can get the job done right, make sure to give Tustin Pro Pest Control a call! They’ll take care of any infestation quickly so you don’t have to stress over it.