Five Best Boston Point of Interest

this picture shows the freedom trail, one of the best boston point of interest

Boston is one of the best tourist attractions for tourists, it has many interesting landmarks. If you want to travel to the east coast, Boston is a convenient point of interest to you. Visitors visiting Boston will witness advanced metropolis sites, tasty cuisine, well-maintained spaces, and great shopping.

Boston exudes a deep-rooted heritage and has respect for the traditions. When first time you visit this charming coastal city, you must visit the main point of interest and beautiful attractions, like Italian bakeries pasta, the oldest university of the country, and the natural underrated beauty of Boston city.

Best Points of Interest in Boston

Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail is about 2.5 miles long ride and it meanders through Boston streets, this trail interacts with 15 major most historical sites in Boston city. Freedom Trail is a great point of interest for visitors who visits Boston city for the very first time. When you take a ride on the Freedom trial, you can visit beautiful tourist attractions and places like the Boston Massacre, the House of Paul Revere, and the Old North Church, etc. Freedom Trail is the most beautiful and entertaining point of interest in Boston city for tourists.

Newbury Street

one of the best boston points of interest is the newbury street

Newberry Street consists of 8 blocks and it is lined up with big box stores like Tiffany & Co., and Burberry, it’s a very popular promenade for pedestrians and shopping (or more like, window shopping). Take a seat at the sidewalk patio to dine brunch at Sensei or buzzy Stephanie’s.

Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor always filled with whale looking vessels, sailboats, boats, and many fancy yachts; Harbor is a hub of the amazing of activities in Beantown. Lookout and stand on the Harbor from that same point where the Harbor Tea Party held nearly 200 years ago, you could also take a ferry and explore the Harbor Island network.

Boston Common

Located downtown, the Boston Common public park was created in 1634, and this is one of the oldest urban parks that is located in the United States. The Common Park is specially designed to give livestock graze look. However, these days, this fifty-acre land is primarily for strolling, picnic, cycling, and entertainment, etc.

Harvard Square

This Square is home to Harvard University, This Square is home to the electric mix of bookkeepers, shops, restaurants, and bars. Harvard Square has an admirable architecture. It’s the best place for shopping you can buy a hat or sweatshirt from the Coop Bookstore.