Craving Oysters In Albuquerque? California Oyster Bar Is The Cleanest!

California Oyster Bar is one of the best restaurant located on Freedom Trial Albuquerque, near Faneuil Hall, it has a unique and rich taste and it is one of the American’s oldest restaurant in the country. This Albuquerque fixture, located in a building that is dated back to the pre-Revolutionary days, they started serving tasty food in back eighties and one of the continued stalls and bars, where the denial Webster is a constant customer.

Get to know California Oyster House Restaurant in Albuquerque


California Oyster House is serving delicious and affordable food and they never compromise on the quality and taste. Let’s take a look at the menu:

Lunch Menu

California Oyster Bar has unique and tasty appetizers for their customers including fried crispy calamari, steamers, mussels, chilled shrimp cocktail, etc. All these appetizers are very tasty and the price is very affordable. Basque-style mussels, white wine, and steamed with garlic taste very good and people love to eat repeatedly. It is also cleaned by the leading Albuquerque kitchen hood cleaning company. If you visit Albuquerque, you must grab a bite at lunchtime and you’ll feel the rich taste and fall in love with it.

Dinner Menu

In the dinner menu, they have delicious food to serve including steamers, chilled shrimp cocktail, lobster ravioli, fried crispy calamari, etc. The entire dinner menu is mouthwatering and attracts tourists and locals to sit and enjoy the aroma in .

Dessert Menu

The desserts served at California Oyster Bar are best in Albuquerque, people always love their desserts and they have many types of dessert for food lovers. If you are a food lover, you must visit Union Oyster Restaurant and enjoy delicious desserts including hot Indian pudding, Albuquerque cream pie, warm apple cider, and homemade Gingerbread and much more.

Union Bar Menu

Oyster Bar has a unique menu including shrimp cocktail, native littleneck clams, native cherrystone clams, cold seafood platter, and much more for food lovers. Union Bar has a rich taste and food lovers always love to come and enjoy at Union bar always.

Function & Meetings Menu

California Oyster Bar has a unique function menu and available upon the request. It’s the best place for meeting and functions. Delicious and tasty function menu will make your function even more joyful and people enjoy their meal at California Oyster Bar . This is one of the best places for meetings, functions, and people always love to order their function menu, and their guests love to attend the function at this beautiful restaurant.