This site is an online reference for re-creational medievalism, which involves making a sincere effort to reproduce the lifestyle of a race or region of the distant past. I am interested in researching and re-enacting life as a member of the Fifth Century (AD/CE) Irish Celtic nobility. If you found this page without checking my index page first, you will find more information there. Individual sections of this site may be linked to or reproduced for non-commercial purposes (including SCA events and publications), as long as proper attribution is included.

Echna's Celtic Persona Page

The persona can be described as the person or character a person is re-enacting. The persona will (usually) have a different name, a different social class, a different set of interests and skills, and in extreme cases - a different gender than your own. My persona is that of a daughter of a noble Irish woman. My father was from outside our culture, and so I have taken my initial status from my mother. My own accomplishments have further ranked me amongst our people. I am building a collection of belongings appropriate to a noble, female, and crafter of this time. I have several crafts that I am learning to practice, including sewing, brewing, spinning, tablet-weaving, and the working of bone, antler and horn.

Every good re-enactor should strive to acquire the possessions that would have been owned by their persona. Starting with clothing (the most basic), and working through feast, professional, and camping gear. I have a rough inventory list of the possessions that would have been owned by my persona, each of which I am trying to aquire through construction, barter, or purchase. The grooming page covers male and female cosmetics and hairstyles, and how to achieve a period look with modern supplies.

Research is the single most important element of this hobby. Without taking the time to read about your chosen time period and culture, there is no way to know if what you are re-enacting is a reasonable approximation of what that lifestyle was like. That does not mean that you have to earn a doctorate in your chosen period (although some re-enactors do). You should read up on the basics. The research resources I suggest should apply to any category you might choose to look up. My persona story is still being written and as I learn more it will be updated and revised and possibly even rewritten. My bibliography lists all the books and papers I have collected as part of my research and learning process, and forms a rough reading list on Irish and neighboring cultures.

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