This site is an online reference for re-creational medievalism, which involves making a sincere effort to reproduce the lifestyle of a race or region of the distant past. I am interested in researching and re-enacting life as a member of the Fifth Century (AD/CE) Irish Celtic nobility. If you found this page without checking my index page first, you will find more information there. Individual sections of this site may be linked to or reproduced for non-commercial purposes (including SCA events and publications), as long as proper attribution is included.

Echna's Celtic Inventory

I am working on a list of period items I want to collect. This is so that if I gain Clann membership, I will have what the other members deem "proper" possessions of a Celtic noblewoman. The following list is what the Clann Chieftain and voting members have decided are the appropriate possessions, based on combat status within the Clann (an fighting-style warrior, a "persona-only" warrior, or a landholding noble).

Honor Price refers to the "status" of a particular member within the Tuatha de Bhriain. Ratings are in multiples of three, and historically refer to the value in cows that would be paid for ransom or settling Irish legal claims. Within the Clann, it has to do with how close to the Chieftain you may sit, and who gets fed first at events.

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Aurrad (member) - a clann member in good standing. All clann members are assumed to be part of basic noble society. The items listed under Aurrad refer to the basics that every re-enactor should have in their kit.

Aire (noble) - a clann member who maintains and displays the traditional belongings of nobles from the fifth century, and therefore contributes to the re-enactment "atmosphere".

Items marked with a "[*]" are items I already own.
Items marked with a "[x]" are items I'm working on acquiring in some way.
All other items I have no actual prospects for purchasing (beyond impulse buying) at this point (If you're a clann member looking to trade for my sewing skills - here's a good place to start!)

Aurrad Status

When a probate is made a member, their honor price will stay at 1/4 of their sponsor's and then be graded from there as they acquire, maintain, and regularly display:

As a bit of a note, all members are required to own their own torc. This is a seperate requirement from any other gear.

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Aire Status

To claim Aire status, an Aurrad must acquire, maintain, and regularly display:

And either the Aristocracy set, Warrior set, or Hospitaler set

Aristocracy set:

Warrior set: Hospitaler set: Should clann members want to set up an official household (chapter), they need to collect the following additional goods:
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Want List

There are more items I need, least *think I need* or generally covet. This is an extended list that will be modified and added to as I discover new items and acquire those I can.

Authentic "Period" items:

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Extras I Have

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Online Merchants

Online Sources Mail Order Sources

A good source of interesting and moderately-priced jewelry and pins is Master Ark (Bill Guse). He works mostly in bronze and white bronze, with a silver item or two. I particularly recommend his "bow fibula" (a small functional fibula about an inch long) and "Visigoth fibula" (a heavier and more ornate pin). Both are sized to be worn to pin the shoulders of your garments, as opposed to the heavier cloak pins most merchants sell. A small "shield fibula" was also recently added to his line. He features several totem/symbolic animals (wolves, ravens, boars, etc) in inexpensive pins/pendants, and other peices. Master Ark is THE merchant I would recommend for finding pins and brooches appropriate to pre-Viking Irish re-enacting. While the styles are not 100% Irish, they're much closer than the later disk or dome brooches most people buy, and which were a later Viking Age style.

Master Ark (Bill Guse)
P.O. Box 258
Iemez Springs, NM 87025

I purchased a beautiful bronze penannular brooch at a Science Fiction/Fantasy convetion. It appears to be a representation of a "Green Man" figure, although I may have my Celtic symbolism mistaken. At any rate, I paid $35 for it, and I love it. I thought I would post some information on how to contact the artisans, in case you're interested in similar castings.

Honeck Sculpture (Butch and Susan Honek)
7271 Kenwood Drive
Jackson, Michigan, 49201
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Garb List

This is a quick list of garb I own, to help me better organize future shopping and sewing plans.

Wool garb:

Linen Sleeved Garb: Linen tube-style peplos garb: For Pennsic, I like to have enough clothing to wear two outfits a day, for a week, and then do laundry. The sleeved léinte underdresses actually "stink up" faster than the peplos overdresses, and so if you're going to routinely wear both, you might want to consider making twice as many léinte as peplos tube-dresses.

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