This site is an online reference for re-creational medievalism, which involves making a sincere effort to reproduce the lifestyle of a race or region of the distant past. I am interested in researching and re-enacting life as a member of the Fifth Century (AD/CE) Irish Celtic nobility. If you found this page without checking my index page first, you will find more information there. Individual sections of this site may be linked to or reproduced for non-commercial purposes (including SCA events and publications), as long as proper attribution is included.

Echna's Celtic Re-Enacting Bibliography

My re-enacting library is made up of multiple parts, including the books I own, and the books I have made copies of (either in sections or the complete work) and had bound at a local print shop. I am careful to only copy books that are out of print, or, so exorbitantly expensive that I cannot afford to purchase them. I am also careful to only copy the exact chapters I need. In some cases, this is the whole work, in others, it may only be a chapter or two and the bibliography. I have further subdivided it on this page to separate out SCA and SCA-member works from professional and educational volumes, and a short list of magazine and journal article photocopies and imprints.

I am quite willing to lend out books or papers that I have, as long as they're returned in a reasonable amount of time. The one exception is the paper by Mistress Lughbec ni Eion. She specifically requested that I not distribute it to other people.

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Clothing and Weaving

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Natural Dyeing and Leatherwork

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Tablet Weaving or Card Weaving

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Irish Law or History

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Celtic Culture

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Celtic Mythology and Spirituality

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Celtic Art

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Assorted Crafts and Cooking

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Meadmaking and Cordials

Liqueur and cordial are simply different words for the same thing - distilled alcohol flavored with spices, fruit, cream, and/or other seasonings. Mead is fermented honey (honey wine). [ Return to Jump-To List ]

Dover Clip Art Books

Dover Publications produces hundreds of clip-art style books with charts and images to allow use of the graphics for various art and craft projects. They have a Design Library, Needlework patterns, Stencils, Iron-on Transfers, and others. I will list a few of the many books with Irish or Celtic motifs available. [ Return to Jump-To List ]

Odds and Ends

Books that don't really seem to "fit" anywhere else.

SCA Books and Publications

Several books, references, newsletters, etc, from the SCA and its members: [ Return to Jump-To List ]

Periodicals, Magazines, Journals, and Other Articles

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