This site is an online reference for re-creational medievalism, which involves making a sincere effort to reproduce the lifestyle of a race or region of the distant past. I am interested in researching and re-enacting life as a member of the Fifth Century (AD/CE) Irish Celtic nobility. If you found this page without checking my index page first, you will find more information there. Individual sections of this site may be linked to or reproduced for non-commercial purposes (including SCA events and publications), as long as proper attribution is included.

Echna's Celtic Awards and Web Rings Page

Awards first...

On 11/24/98 the index page was featured on Starting Point as a "New Site".
Starting Point


On 2/5/99 this site was awarded the Mac an Saol award by
The phrase on the frame is Irish and translates as "The work recommends the craftsman."

Mac an Saol Homepage


On 2/6/99 this site was awarded Nancy's Celtic History Award by

Nancy's Celtic History Award Page
Go neirig an bothar leat! (May the road rise ahead of you)


This site qualified for the Finn McCool award offered by on 2/6/99

The Finn McCool Home Page


On 2/31/99 this site qualified for the A+ content and design award offered by

A+ Web Design Approved


This site qualified for a rating of 3 shamrocks on 4/19/99 from Doras, the most comprehensive directory of Irish-related sites on the Internet.


In January of 2001, this site was the "Web Site of the Week" in the Medieval Times.

These are the web rings that directly relate to the topics of this site. I have tried to be somewhat selective in the rings I chose. Please let me know if you think any changes should be made.
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