This is my orange linen creamsicle leine up close. It's trimmed with handspun wool crocheted into a single-row chain stitch. I then sewed it on as fuzzy trim around the neck. I've recieved a lot of compliments for that little bit of work. The sleeves have more decoration, including white thread and blue yarn. The white thread was sewn into herringbone stitches while the tops of the sleeves were left completely open. Then, later, I used dark blue wool (a nice contrast with the orange) to close the sleeves with a simple overhand stitch.

I left the shoulders of the sleeves open. I call this style "Aonghus sleeves", because the first person I made with garb in this style was my persona foster-father, Aonghus. They became quite popular within the Clann. I think they look very sexy and play up the whole shoulder/neck/collar-bone area.

YES, that is a big old nasty black plastic watchband right in the front on my wrist. I'm sorry for that.

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