Extreme closeup of my favorite linen under-tunic. The stitches around the neckline (from top to bottom) are:
    cranberry yarn herringbone stitches
  1. black thread french knots
  2. a single line of red chain stitches broken by a...
  3. taupe wool "sun-wheel" pattern (actually a technique used to outline a grommet hole in later period garb)
  4. green wool herringbone stitches down either shoulder
Around the sleeve openings, the cranberry and taupe wool used around the neckline were couched down into two rows. The upper is cranberry couched by taupe, the lower is taupe couched by cranberry.

A REALLY CLOSE scrutiny on a good quality monitor may reveal a hint of "fishbone" patterns in the fabric, itself. That's the multi-threaded herringbone weave of the cloth.

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