The orange tunic is an outfit I affectionately refer to as my "creamsicle garb" (it started out as orange with white trim). This is another example of combing bold colors. When I said to people that I wanted to wear purple and orange, they were horrified. When I wore the outfit, they admitted it was pretty and interesting (in a positive way) looking. It looks better unwrinkled :).

My brat is purple, with thin lines of black, grey, and green woven into the plaid pattern. I hand-picked the fringes, and knotted tiny silver bells into the strands. They chime whenever I move and I'm wearing the brat. This fabric actually a wool-polyester blend, but, I've put so much work into this brat, it would have to be an absolutely *amazing* plaid pattern for me to replace it.

With the open shoulders, this is another sexy look. You can see one of my tattoos revealed by the open shoulders. I'm also turning my bone-handled knife forward to show off the delicate interlace design I burned into the wood sheath. My persona foster-father (and one of my re-enacting mentors) made the sheath, but, I did the wood burning.

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