This is a purple linen tube dress over a linen under-leine (the same one from earlier in the series). Please forgive the huge fold line down the front of the purple dress :).

This is fairly typical "festive daytime" garb for me. That is, it's what I'd wear during the day at Pennsic (such as to go to classes or shopping or visiting other camps), or, during the day events at a Clann function. It's pretty-but-functional. I save my most decorated clothing for feasts and important meetings, or when I'm someplace where I feel I'm a "representitive" of the Clann (and therefore wanting to look my best).

While you may not notice it at first glance, there's something close to ten different colors in this outfit. I mention this in my ornamentation page -- using contrasting colors in small amounts to brighten up an outfit, without it being visually offensive. This outfit illustrates that. Blue, burgandy, purple, green, brown, red, black, buff, hot pink (and possibly others I can't pick out right now). It sounds loud and garish, but, it all ties together as a cheerful mix when actually worn.

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