This is a simple linen leine I made, and in fact it was one of my first efforts. I think the size is just about perfect, although, I find the neckline is a bit too "open".

I usually wear this as an "undertunic" to one of my peplos dresses.

It's made from two different fabrics. The body of the tunic is made from a herringbone patterned linen that's subtle but very attractive. It's woven from multiple shades of very pale brown/buff linen thread, and so it looks like it was made by a skilled weaver. The sleeves are made from a separate tabby weave of natural linen fabric.

The embroidery was some time after I made the original leine, when I became more confident in my skills, overall. There's a closeup of the embroidery later in the series.

The belt is based on a masculine British Celtic style. It's made from one wide leather strap that was cut with slits so a narrower strap could be laced through. The wide strap was dyed a basic "brown leather" color. The narrow strap was dyed a rich burgandy color. Given that I lost a significant amount of weight since it was made for me, I'm going to need a new one.

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