This site is an online reference for re-creational medievalism, which involves making a sincere effort to reproduce the lifestyle of a race or region of the distant past. I am interested in researching and re-enacting life as a member of the Fifth Century (AD/CE) Irish Celtic nobility. If you found this page without checking my index page first, you will find more information there. Individual sections of this site may be linked to or reproduced for non-commercial purposes (including SCA events and publications), as long as proper attribution is included.

Works cited included in the clothing bibliography.

Echna's Celtic Images Page

Here are some examples of Celtic borders and images which could be converted into needlework patterns with a minimum of effort. The scans were downloaded from the Art Today clip art archive and originated from the public domain volume:

Title: Grammatik Der Ornamente (Language of Ornament) (1868)
Author: Jones, Owen
Artist: Many
Publisher: Bernard Quaritch, Piccadilly

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